Human resource is an important aspect in any field, sector or industry and the overall development of any country economy is possible only due to proper human resource development.  

Handicraft industry is no more any exception. There are more than 6 million artisans involved in this industry who are paying significantly in the role of earning foreign currency. A proper trained human resource is able to perform every type of administrative, operational and functional duties in a business. The large quantity of people is totally dependent on the handicraft sector next to agriculture for their whole and partial income.

There are many type of handicrafts available in every state of India. There are folk handicrafts which are famous in a very low amount of area. They have a significance in a very low amount of area. They have a very low and amount of client base. There are the category of handicrafts which are made and prepared in surrounding of a religious area. They become the recognition of that area and they consist of the many religious aspects of that area in itself. Example - Kanchipuram sarees from Tamil Nadu and Banarasi silk sarees are famous for the wearing in ceremonies and as well as religious occasions.

Indian handicrafts play an important role in the development of Indian Economy and as well they are an important representative of the Indian Civilization as the most civic, ancient and more culturally diversified arena.

In the end the complete success of the handicraft sector totally depends upon the knowledge, skills, innovation of the artisans. The complete working ability of the artisans have maintained the existence of the handicraft industry.  they are the owners, managers, supervisors, artisans or other working staff. Each different state of the Indian Handicraft has maintained the different level of handicrafts and the localized people are the main reason of this diversity.

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